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Tours & Accommodation in Milne Bay

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Tour Operator / Long Stays

VilLink Tours & Expedition

Villink Tours & Expedition is a local tour operator based in Alotau. Villink offers onshore excursions and tour packages for long stay visitors to Milne Bay.

Contact personMaleta/Elizabeth
Phone:  +675 6411947
Mobile: +675 700 55 624 or +675 733 94 580
Email:  villinktourspng@gmail.com
Facebook:   https://web.facebook.com/ALOTAUPNG/
Location: Office Suite 4, Top Floor ASM building, Milne Bay Place St, Alotau
Area of Operation: Alotau to East Cape and west and south coast.  


Tour Operator & Accommodation

Milne Bay Wantok Tours

Specializes in the following tours:

  • Historical Samarai Island tours
  • Bay tour (by dinghy)
  • War site tour
  • Snorkelling Tour - Kwato island
  • Sariba Island skull cave tour

Contact person: John Manuai
Mobile:  +675 79386830
Email: admiraltyisland724@gmail.com
Facebook:  Find references on these pages: Milne Bay Election 2017, Samarai Murua Politics, Samarai Murua forum, Samarai Murua Development, etc. 
Accommodation: Bay Views Apartments (Middle Town)
Area of Operation: Alotau Town, Milne Bay Province. 

Samarai Island.

Tour Operator & Accommodation

Wali Village Guest House, Goodenough Island

Wali Village Guest House, located at the foot of Mount Madawa'a, facilitates all Mountain Climbers who are challenged to climb Mt Madawa'a (2536 m (8320 ft) ASL) on Goodenough Island. Mt Madawa'a has been an intriguing climb for climbers from Europe to USA, Canada, to Australia, and Asia. The Tour Guide is Kebowa at Walitavitavi village.

Mt Madawa'a is the home of the rare mountain wallaby and a host of flora and fauna that has been a major attraction for mountain climbers.

Contact person: Mr Bede Tomokita
Manager, Goodenough Enterprises Ltd, PO Box 3765, Boroko, NCD, PNG. 

Phone: Digicel - (675)72334323 or 70841633, Bmobile - (675)76877399

Email: b.tomokita@gmail.com
FacebookBede Tomokita
Area of Operation: Goodenough Island, Milne Bay Province. 


Charter Vessel Operator

Discover Milne Bay Ltd

We are a family owned and operated Eco Tourism Charter Vessel company with a focus on showcasing Milne Bay’s rich history, pristine environment and Cultural Diversity.
We offer safe, low impact, unique holiday packages for groups of up to 8 people and will happily work with you to design a charter to suit your specific needs.

Contact person: Timothy Abel
Phone: PNG +675 71 494 679  /  Aust +61 404 019 208
Email: discovermb@outlook.com
Website: www.discovermilnebay.com
Area of Operation: Based in Alotau, covers Milne Bay Province. 

MV Curringa

Tour Operator

Jaywoods Tours

Dealing with Village tours, Town tours, WW2 runs, Snorkeling, Diving, Bird watching, and Sightseeing. We are based in KB Compund so we operate in Alotau. Our tours can go from town to East Cape and the Western side too. 

Contact person: Jansen Nesai
Phone: +675 73415984
Email: jansenjayvannesai@gmail.com
Facebook: Jansen Nesai
Area of Operation: Based in Alotau, covers from East Cape to west side.  


PNG Travel Blog

PNG Village Travel

Travel web blog dedicated to domestic and international travelers seeking village destinations in PNG. It is dedicated to especially Independent Travelers, Backpackers, Trekkers, Adventurous, Special Interest or Eco-savy Travelers to PNG. Its aim is to promote rural tourism and ecotourism at village level to indirectly market potential villages throughout PNG. Free subscribe or write your travel experiences to PNG Village Travel to publish your stories freely, or for private tours and activities, clients can also e-mail on: theosguide@gmail.com

Contact person: Theodore Baworo


Vehicle Hire

Oboboma Hire Cars

15-seater bus for hire, registered, clean, suitable for tourists, etc

Contact person: Neil Davies
Phone:  +675 72866881
Email: neildavies248@gmail.com
Area of Operation: Alotau town and surrounds


Independent Tour Operator

Hinah Simati

I do independent tours in Alotau.
Going Back West Tour
See the coast along the beach, Gili Gili, Gurney Airport, 7th militia headquarters, Turnbull war memorial, Bottom town - elementary school, Main shopping center, Main market and Bus stop, War Memorial Park, Craft Market, Top Town lookout, John French memorial, Return to ship.
Going Back East Tour
See local villages along the highway like Lelegwagwa cultural village, Daduwe cultural village, and also a Tour to the tip of Papua New Guinea (East Cape).

Contact person: Hinah Simati
Phone:  +675 71821678
Email: hinasimati@gmail.com
Area of Operation: Alotau town  - Gili Gili to East Cape.


Independent Tour Operator

Gone Troppo / East N Sea

Private land tours in Alotau. Take a Magical History Tour. A bit of everything hosted by Jeff Evennett aka the "Tour Guide Gone Troppo" in Air Conditioned 4x4 comfort. Visit historical war sites, panoramic views of Milne Bay, jungle trails, waterfalls, snorkeling on the North Coast. Visit Yabam Island Lookout (uninhabited) and see Mainland PNG. Visit Food Markets, Churches & Schools, Art Gallery, Museum, Craft Markets & Culture Villages, get a local Samarai Tattoo! In partnership with Heliscope offering 5-minute to 1-hour scenic hops in Milne Bay. Min 2 hours Max 7 hours, tailored tours, like fishing or on an adventure island cruise (Extras). 
Guiding Services Only         AU$400 per day

Guided Private Tours           AU$40/hour/person

Contact person: Jeff Evennett
Phone:  +675 72999534
Email: eastnsea@gmail.com

Facebook pages: Tour Guide Gone Troppo. Historical Samarai, Jeff Evennett,
Kalita KreationsEast N Sea.
Area of Operation: Alotau town to East Cape.

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Ecotourist Bungalow / Lodge (Backpacker)

Badilauna Lodge

Badilauna Lodge is a local lodge situated in Milne Bay Province (PNG). Nestled against a picturesque tropical rainforest, and idyllically on the banks of the Dawadawa river. Thirty minutes across the bay from the main township of Alotau, Badilauna awaits the avid traveller, a tropical getaway for rejuvenation and relaxation or a secluded venue for an intimate wedding. The lodge is adorned by pristine, untouched rainforest and boasts of serenity and tropical flora and fauna. The lodge currently provides three traditional bungalows and a common meal area.

Contact person: Samuel Andrew / Marietta Auboti
Phone:  +675 7153 2279 / +675 71717101
Email: badilaunalodge@gmail.com

Facebook: Badilauna Lodge
Instagram: Badilaunalodgepng
Area of Operation: Milne Bay


Bungalow / Fishing

Oba Resort / Homestay

The Ultimate Survivor style - Fishing Expeditions to Uninhabited Islands in Samarai! It’s a PARADISE!!

Picture yourself owning an uninhabited island with white sandy beaches to yourself or your family for a couple of days and nights. So many of them to choose from and guaranteed to be secure. You’ll love this! Leaving off an island to appease your passion for fishing chasing mackerel or Giant Trevally, spending nights by a fireplace telling countless tales to keep the bond alive with a few light beers! Well, this is it!  Your adventure starts in Alotau on a banana boat to a place called Oba on Sariba Island, and off from there. Contact us to plan one in future! 

Contact person: Aken Alaluku
Phone:  +675 7252 3410
Email: aken.alaluku@gmail.com

Facebook: Ken Alaluku
Area of Operation: Milne Bay - Samarai/Sariba/Bwanabwana areas


4WD Hire


Ford Ranger Double Cab 4WD
Four Passengers( inside Cabin), Clean and suitable for off road conditions, Safe and secured with a GPRS Tracker and monitoring. Optional: Extra Four Passengers in the trailer.

Our Rates :   K400 half day hire / K650 full day hire / K750 full day with chauffeur hire

Payments: Cash, Online Internet Banking Payment, Paypal

Contact person: Daniel and Tobe Vavar
Phone:  +675 7292 3755 / 7113 8992 (WhatsApp / Viber)
Messenger: Tobz Solomon Vavar

Email: dkvavar@yahoo.com.au

Area of Operation: Alotau and surrounds.

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