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Terms & Conditions


  • It is the responsibility of guests to ensure that they are reasonably fit and have no heart problems, etc, for the type of activity undertaken.
  • Tours operate according to demand, availability, and access. These can also be influenced by factors such as the weather and site owner disputes. The itineraries can be customised to suit your interests or timing.
  • It is your responsibility to read the details of each tour or activity, and ask questions via email or through our Facebook page, before you undertake any paid tours or activities with us.
  • We will offer a partial refund for any cancellations that happen mid-tour due to bad weather, or other causes not in the control of AlphaBlue Limited and our clients.


  • Client is responsible for any damage to the boat, except for normal wear and tear, within the duration of your hire period. We will bill you for any damage that is a result of your work, activities, or carelessness.
  • Client will feed and maintain the operator/mechanic (and/or his assistant) during long distance trips. The crew will usually prefer to sleep on the boat due to security concerns, but we would appreciate it if you can make sure they are fed, safe, and comfortable while they are in your care, thanks.
  • The dinghy takes pure petrol, so smoking on the boat is prohibited. Please consult with the operator at all times if you are a smoker.
  • Trip timings and major decisions are at the discretion of the operator as he is very experienced and familiar with weather patterns and the capability of the dinghy.
  • You are not allowed to admit nor carry extra passengers unless you have mentioned that upfront to us before your trip.
  • We reserve the right to offload extra passengers in order to remain compliant with our NMSA conditions and passenger capacity specifications.
  • Booking are based on first-come, first-serve basis. A 60% down-payment confirms your booking with us, thank you.
  • We prefer cashdirect or manual bank transfers/deposits - this saves a lot of time and allows us to procure fuel and make other preparations for your trip in advance. We operate in a small town and can be affected by system outages that delay banking and other services.
  • AlphaBlue Limited takes no responsibility for any delays or cancellations due to lateness and lack of planning on client's part, fuel arrangements, late payments, etc, especially for long distance trips.
  • Client will forfeit any fuel that has been loaded on the boat and/or pumped into the onboard fuel tanks if the trip is cancelled due to any circumstances on client's part, or if AlphaBlue Limited decides to cancel the trip due to no-show or extended delays from the client.
  • AlphaBlue Limitewill retain 60% of the invoice paid by the client if a cancellation occurs for any reason, either by client or by us due to your delays and your lack of planning, etc.
  • AlphaBlue Limited reserves the right to review rates for long distance or long duration journeys.
  • The above terms and conditions also apply to and for any boats, dinghies, or vehicles subcontracted by or through AlphaBlue Limited.
  • By agreeing to use our services, you also agree to the above Terms and Conditions.


  • For all work and contracts, we require a 50% upfront payment of the labour cost, and 100% upfront payment of parts/consumables (unless you source these yourself).
  • Payments must be made as soon as possible, once the quotation has been agreed on and an invoice is issued, to allow us to kick-start procurements for your work.
  • If within 30 days, a repair/service problem re-occurs, we will attend to you and rectify the problem for free.
  • If within 30 days of a repair/service job, the client engages another mechanic to perform the same works and the fault still persists, we do not accept responsibility for the problem.
  • After the 30 days grace period has lapsed, any jobs will be charged and quoted/invoiced as separate works.
  • A full vehicle inspection will be carried out, prior to any quoted work, by our mechanic(s) and the vehicle owner(s) to identify personal belongings, prior damage, current damage/faults, etc.
  • We are not liable and responsible for the loss of any personal belongings left in any vehicles we repair. We do not entertain any such claims.
  • The Mechanical Services Manager for AlphaBlue Limited reserves the right to determine daily work hours at all times.


  • Terms and conditions for our other services will be published in due course.

AlphaBlue Limited is dedicated to properly serving our clients
and the community. In order to do that, and lift the game, please help us to help you.
Adhere to our conditions and we can be able to give you a good service, thank you. 

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