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Starting from K2,700 for a day trip, includes fuel and a fully guided tour in some of the best fishing spots in Milne Bay. Contact us now.

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Experience Milne Bay Fishing!

Milne Bay has some of the most pristine and abundant fishing locations in the world. Crystal clear waters, sparsely populated islands, beautiful scenery, and abundant marine life make this a world-class fishing destination desired by many.

Be among the privileged who fish these waters with our very experienced local tour guides. Our guides have been fishing for most of their lives, with experience in commercial and tour fishing during their careers. Give us a shot, we will not disappoint!

For your comfort and to have ample space for fishing, we will take a MAXIMUM OF 4 FISHING GUESTS at a time.

We encourage guests to bring their own fishing gear, especially fishing rods,
as we are still building up capacity to provide quality gear, thank you.

1. One Day Dusk-to-dawn (d2d) Fishing Package

The day tour involves leaving Alotau (or other approved location) early in the morning and seeking out famous fishing grounds like the Dumoulin Islands, and returning in the late afternoon. Extended itineraries with stayovers can be planned.

K2,700 for a group of 4 (or more if the kids wanna come) gets you 2 drums of fuel, an experienced operator/guide, and a day out in one of the best fishing spots closest to Alotau, Samarai, and Doini. Why not leave the family to swim and enjoy beautiful Doini Resort, or visit the historic Samarai Island, while you head off to land a few at the famous Dumoulin Islands and surrounding area? 🙂

Dumoulin Islands Alotau Samarai Fishing

2. 3D2N Fishing + Accom Package

A full day fishing package with accommodation from Alotau Waterfront Lodge (includes airport transfers) in Alotau, for those wishing to visit via Port Moresby.

For longer stays and extended itineraries, we can plan and present separate competitive rates for you.

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How does it work? You can catch a flight from POM to Alotau, usually arriving before lunch, and check into your room(s) at Alotau Waterfront Lodge. Spend the afternoon doing further planning with us, and procuring additional supplies, fuel etc, or relax by the sea. We can organize fuel for you in advance – we save you K200 per drum by using our own fuel drums to refill! Two (2) full drums of fuel will get you safely out and back (already included in the total package price). Spend the night in Alotau, or leave for the islands … ideally you depart Alotau in the early hours of the next day to take advantage of the peak feeding time at sunrise. Fish all day! Then return to Alotau in the afternoon/evening for a much-needed beer, dinner, and rest. Fly back to POM the next day; flights typically depart at 11 AM and take 50 minutes to reach POM. Don’t miss the Sunday roast, family dinner, or rest with your loved ones back home before you return to the weekly grind!

As you can see, this is an ideal package for those wanting a quick weekend getaway with some real fishing involved. We take you out to the fertile spots in the islands and let you have your way! 😉

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