Speed Boat Charter

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K1,000 per day, buy your own fuel (pure petrol). Contact us now.

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Makoko 1

Speedboat Details

Cruise with us for real value in speed, space, and safety. You will not get this anywhere locally, and if you go elsewhere, you will pay a premium!

  • 25-foot center console speedboat with rear bimini canopy.
  • Self-draining sealed floor with polystyrene foam in the hull (unsinkable).
  • Equipped with a 175 horse-power Suzuki engine (over 4 times the capacity of a typical 40-HP engine).
  • Top speed of over 30 knots (55 km/hour).
  • 340 litres fuel tank capacity + 120 litres containered carry-on supply = 460 litres total take-off fuel capacity. (Note: we do NOT carry drum supply for safety reasons).
  • Minimum fuel burn rate of 700 ml per km at 20 knots.
  • Engine uses pure petrol (ULP) – cheaper than Zoom (pre-mix outboard fuel). We use our drums for refill and save you K200 per drum in Alotau.
  • Onboard GPS and fish-finder.
  • Life vests for your safety at sea.
  • 350-litre esky/icebox for fishing and/or storage.
  • Fully insured (including Public Liability).
  • Registered with the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) of PNG under the Milne Bay Provincial Transport Authority in Alotau (registration number ALSCA-5097). Milne Bay Province was the first in PNG to effectively implement the Small Craft Act 2010.
  • Maximum number of passengers licensed by NMSA is 10+1 (including the operator) plus cargo.
  • The operator is licensed by the Milne Bay Provincial Transport Authority, and is also a mechanic (including electrics) and is an experienced seafarer from Milne Bay.
  • Security escort can be arranged for an extra K200 per day.

True value for the traveling public, government/corporate hire, and tourism requirements. You may not realize the value of our efforts in making sure our clients are safe and insured … until there is an accident or mishap! We give you the power to outrun your friends, foes, and the weather.

We can organize fuel for you, unless you want to do it yourself. In order to avoid delays and cancellations, please refer to our Terms & Conditions to avoid any misunderstanding, inconvenience, and losses, thank you.



Be sensible and invest in reliable sea transport! 

Email us today and we will slot you into our calendar.

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What to bring

Weather in Milne Bay is unpredictable so please bring your own raincoats (sold for about K35 at Alotau Hardware). It will be the best K35 you will ever spend if the weather turns nasty out there, or it gets dark! Also bring hats, drinks/snacks, a torch for overnight trips, and anything else that can make your journey comfortable.

Other services

Have a few hours or days to spend in Alotau and surrounds? Let us take you sightseeingsnorkeling, or fishing!

If you own a resort or tour company, let us transport or entertain your guests while they enjoy your hospitality.

Email us if you have a boat that needs to be managed or sub-contracted on short notice! We can also source smaller dinghies for you, if you do not require a large speedboat. We have links to local operators who can service your specific needs. Below are two of the speedboats that are available through us.




24-ft Barracuda with 100 HP 4-stroke engine, center-console, capacity 10-12 passengers. K900 per day dry hire, buy your own fuel (pure petrol/ULP).

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MV Charisma (ALSCM-1016)

23-ft “Banana Boat” with 40 HP 2-stroke engine, capacity 6 to 8 passengers. K500 per day dry hire, buy your own fuel (Zoom).

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Terms & Conditions

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions to avoid any misunderstanding, inconvenience, and losses, thank you.

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